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mikusingularity has produced 5 videos for a total time of 29m3s.

mikusingularity YouTube channel

Orbiter videos by mikusingularity
Source Title Duration Date
YouTube (Orbiter Films) Delta-glider into orbit 00:04:20 9 November 2009
YouTube Hatsune Miku XR2 spaceplane "Stratosphere -VocaLege edit-" (Orbiter) 00:07:10 23 August 2011
YouTube Hatsune Miku XR2 to the Moon "Moon (VN02 remix)" (Orbiter) 00:05:04 8 October 2011
YouTube Hatsune Miku XR2 to Mars "Silence" (Orbiter) 00:08:34 24 December 2011
YouTube Space Tourism - All Nippon Airways XR2 spaceplane (Orbiter) 00:03:55 18 August 2015
Totals 00:29:03 5