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FlyingSinger is a name I often use in web forums and the like. My real name is Bruce Irving, and I was the original author of the Orbiter tutorial e-book "Go Play In Space" back in 2005 and 2006. I started to work on a 2010 update but didn't complete it. I'm glad to see the book here in wiki format, and I will try to contribute improvements over time, as I hope others will also do. Several Orbiter friends made this happen, and I really appreciate their work, though I won't mention them by name here since I'm not sure if that's the wiki thing to do.

I don't update my blog "Music of the Spheres" very often these days (search for that name or for flyingsinger blog, the editor won't allow me to include the URL here), but it does have quite a lot of space and Orbiter-related material. I started it in 2005, mainly inspired by Orbiter.