Wallops Flight Facility

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Orbiter 2016 coordinates 75.47938 W 37.84621 N

Wallops Flight Facility (WFF), located on the USA, is operated by NASA as a rocket launch site and for support to science and exploration missions.

WFF consists of three parts: the Main Base, the Mainland, and the Wallops Island Launch Site.

Pads and runways[edit]

  • Mid-Atlantic Regional Spaceport
    • LA0A
    • LA0B
  • LA1
  • LA2
  • LA3
  • LA3A
  • LA3B
  • LA4
  • LA5
  • DZ (Air-launched rocket drop zone)
  • LP08B
  • Runways (WFF Research Airport, Wallops Main Base):
    • RW04/22, 2666x46m
    • RW10/28, 2440x61m
    • RW17/35, 1465x46m


  • ASOS : 119.17
  • Tower: 126.5

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