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If you go to David Courtney's YouTube page, you can browse all of his videos, including many that aren't related to Orbiter. The list below is meant to provide a way for Rocket Science amateurs to easily find videos related to specific topics. David is still quite actively adding videos, so if you see something new that isn't in this list, please add it to the appropriate category, or create a new category as needed.


The Absolute Beginner Guide has 43 parts. Don't be too intimidated: the basics are covered in parts 1 through 10, which take you through launch, basic orbital maneuvers, and deorbit and landing.

Add-on MFDs[edit]

Parts 17 through 22 of the Absolute Beginner Guide cover the installation and use of some useful add-on instruments: Burn Time Calculator, Base Sync MFD, Aerobrake MFD, TransX, and Glideslope 2.


Parts 23 through 28 of the Absolute Beginner Guide cover the installation and operation of the XR2 Ravenstar.

The 4-part series XR2 Rescue provides some challenging Earth-orbit maneuvering.

Navigation (IMFD)[edit]

David recruited Dimitris (dgatsoulis on Orbiter Forum) to help him learn about IMFD, and recorded a 15 part series.

Navigation (TransX)[edit]

Parts 29 through 43 of the Absolute Beginner Guide cover the use of TransX for planning Earth-Moon, Moon-Earth, and Earth-Mars flights (with a little IMFD thrown in).

Earth-Moon Flight[edit]

Parts 11 through 16 of the Absolute Beginner Guide cover the process of getting from the Earth to the Moon, and back.

In addition, he has a somewhat more advanced 13-part series using the XR2 Ravenstar from Earth to Moon and back.

Sightseeing and Thinking Out Loud[edit]

Not, strictly speaking, a tutorial, but he has a neat view of Jupiter from its Galilean satellites.

David also has several series that not structured as tutorials, but are useful to watch an experienced orbinaut work through various kinds of spaceflight challenges.