Vessel Tutorial 2

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Take out the Trash

Now it's time to clear out all the old ShuttlePB things that we don't need any more. Remember, if you are making something other than Surveyor, you may want to adapt this stuff rather than trashing it.

Aerodynamic Model

Surveyor is a pure spacecraft, so it doesn't need an aerodynamic model. I suppose the purists out there would insist on at least giving it drag in case it fell into the Earth's atmosphere after a bad launch, but I don't care about it.

Completely get rid of this block of code:

// Calculate lift coefficient [Cl] as a function of aoa (angle of attack) over -Pi ... Pi
// Implemented here as a piecewise linear function
double LiftCoeff (double aoa)
  const int nlift = 9;
  static const double AOA[nlift] = {-180*RAD,-60*RAD,-30*RAD,-1*RAD,15*RAD,20*RAD,25*RAD,60*RAD,180*RAD};
  static const double CL[nlift]  = {       0,      0,   -0.1,     0,   0.2,  0.25,   0.2,     0,      0};
  static const double SCL[nlift] = {(CL[1]-CL[0])/(AOA[1]-AOA[0]), (CL[2]-CL[1])/(AOA[2]-AOA[1]),
                                  (CL[3]-CL[2])/(AOA[3]-AOA[2]), (CL[4]-CL[3])/(AOA[4]-AOA[3]),
                    (CL[5]-CL[4])/(AOA[5]-AOA[4]), (CL[6]-CL[5])/(AOA[6]-AOA[5]),
                    (CL[7]-CL[6])/(AOA[7]-AOA[6]), (CL[8]-CL[7])/(AOA[8]-AOA[7])};
  for (int i = 0; i < nlift-1