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2015-01-01: I've completed uploading the IMFD Full Manual. Note that the associated scenarios can't be uploaded to this wiki, because they aren't image files. It would be useful to allow uploading of zip files.

2015-01-01: I've completed uploading the 3rd edition (work in progress) of Go Play In Space.

2014-12-31: I've set up the opening page for Rocket Science For Amateurs. Please contribute to this collection of educational tools.

2014-08-04: I've started to add the wiki-fied versions of Go Play In Space and the IMFD Full Manual. I have obtained permission from Bruce Irving and Mark Lieberbaum to do this, in the hope that it will make updating these valuable documents easier.

Let me know if you have any questions or comments about my interests or any of the pages I've edited.

Add GPIS to Random Articles?

Hi Mike! The articles you've posted look nice. Thanks to you and the original authors!

If you wish to add them to the "random article" page so that they can appear on the main page, feel free to edit OrbiterWiki:Random_tutorial and see how it's done for other articles. Basically you create a new sub-page like e.g. Intuitive Atmospheric Entry/precis and then add it to the list of random articles.

--RaMan (talk) 18:29, 26 February 2015 (GMT)