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My name is Kurt Weber. I am a resident of Princeton, Indiana. I am a very active editor on the English Wikipedia, and so am familiar with the community aspect of wikis and hope to bring some of that here. I realize that this is not Wikipedia, and that its raison d'etre is entirely different, but I believe that the concepts governing the Wikipedia community can be easily transferred to any other informational wiki, and that by applying the knowledge gained from Wikipedia, Orbiter Wiki can be made just as efficient (if not as large or popular--after all, its scope is much more narrow than Wikipedia's).

My username on Wikipedia (as well as Wikinews, where I am significantly less active) is Kmweber, just like it is here.

My Wikipedia user page

I have been an Orbiter enthusiast since 2001. Early in 2005 I registered the Orbiter Combat Addons project on Sourceforge to host my development of a suite of ships and utilities for simulating space combat. I realize using Orbiter for space combat is controversial, although I don't see why--after all, those who don't want to use it for purposes of simulating space combat don't have to--but I'm interested in it from a "future history" perspective of working out what tactics are likely to evolve, as well as the engineering challenge of working around Orbiter's limitations to create an effective, efficient, usable multiplayer environment as well as modelling collisions and damage.

Right now my main subproject on the Orbiter Wiki is creating redirects to various alternate capitalizations of certain articles, as a way to make life easier on everyone until case-insensitivity is turned on.

Also, I'm desperately trying to solve the problem I have described on the Orbiter message board concering oapiBlt() and oapiTriggerPanelRedrawArea(). If you can help at all I'd really appreciate it, since until I get this solved progress is at a standstill!