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Hello, I am '''GW_Simulations''' - a user of [[OrbiterWiki]].
Hello, I am '''GW_Simulations''' - a user and admin of [[OrbiterWiki]].
== About Me ==
== About Me ==

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Hello, I am GW_Simulations - a user and admin of OrbiterWiki.

About Me[edit]

I am interested in aircraft, space flight, and not much else. My website URL is http://www.freewebtown.com/gwsimulations, and this is devoted to Orbiter and Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004, with some addons, for example aircraft and spacecraft, which I am making for these.

I am the Supreme Commander of the United Federation of Minor Planets, which is part of the Orbiter Solar Nations project.

I do not give out biographical information.


Click Here. I will add a list here at a later date.

Orbiter Addons[edit]

Here are some of my Orbiter projects, for a complete list, see my website.

Currently Released[edit]

  • NONE currently

In Development[edit]

  • I am building various ships and facillities for the UFMP, my part of the Orbiter Solar Nations project.
  • I have just finished the Space-X Falcon 1, which I will release shortly.
  • I am also working on the Space-X Falcon 5, and Falcon 9.
  • Baikonur Area 45 (Zenit launch pad)