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Project home: http://orbiter.dansteph.com/
Author: Daniel "DanSteph" Polli

Universal MMU

The Universal MMU or short UMMU is an add-on SDK, allowing an easy implementation of EVAs and crew transfer, based on the DeltaGliderIV project.


UMMU Turbopack
  • Astronaut meshes can be customized
  • Astronauts breathe O2 and can die of suffocation, crashes and high temperatures.
  • The MMU is equipped with a parachute. A jetpack ("Turbopack") is also available.
  • Astronauts can transfer between ships.
  • All MMUs support a online help, available by pressing H.
  • MMUs can grapple small objects.
  • A simple modified Shuttle PB is included as example.

The Universal MMU

The Universal MMU is a generic spacesuit with enhanced maneuverability.

It has can grapple objects and move them.

Universal MMU SDK

The UMMU package comes together with a SDK, which you can find in the example contained in the documentation folder(".\Doc\UMmu_SDK\UMmu_ShuttlePB_Example"). The library "UMmuSDK.lib" is linked against the 2005 version of visual C++, which means that VC6 users need to include the VC2005 Express standard libraries instead of the VC6 standard libraries.

Interfaces in Orbiter

The UMMU has three attachment points, one parent->child for grappling objects, another parent->child for installing special backpacks, called "TurboPacks", with the identifer "TurboMmu". The third is a child->parent attachment point and has the type identifier "GRAPME".


  • Only the primary docking port (ID 0) can be used for crew transfer.
  • Only one airlock.
  • Astronauts can only start an EVA when the primary docking port is not used.


You are not allowed to include the UMMU files and modules in your add-on, for avoiding version conflicts when UMMU add-ons include older files.

Also, the UMMU license demands full compatibility with the included SDK for add-ons, not permitting add-on developers to limit the functionality of UMmu. This is meant for avoiding disappointed UMMU users.

Add-ons supporting UMMU

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