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[http://www.dansteph.com/publie/UCOCarVan.cfg Config File on UCO]
[http://www.dansteph.com/publie/UCOCarVan.cfg Config File on UCO]
[http://www.dansteph.com/publie/UcoAbfoPreview.wmv UCO & ABFO Preview Video (17 MB)]
[http://www.dansteph.com/publie/UcoPreviewFeature.wmv UCO Preview Video (20 MB)]

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Project home: http://orbiter.dansteph.com
Author: Picto and DanSteph

ABFO and UCO by Picto and DanSteph

Universal Cars for Orbiter is a universal car (e.g. bus, van, jeep, rover, etc.) made by Picto and DanSteph.


Expected to release in winter or spring 2008.

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Dansteph's Forum Thread

Config File on UCO

UCO & ABFO Preview Video (17 MB)

UCO Preview Video (20 MB)