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Project home: http://orbiter.dansteph.com/
Author: Daniel "DanSteph" Polli

UCGO or Universal Cars and CarGos for Orbiter is an addon created by DanSteph. It adds new features to the DeltaGliderIV and UMMU. New features with this addon are the Arrow Freighter, unpackable cargos, and vehicles.

Official Features[edit]

  • Stunning mother ship Arrow Freighter with virtual Cockpit and a lot of features.
  • Modified ShuttleA with virtual cockpit, external rework and UCGO cargo capacity.
  • 14 cars including the mars rover Azure with a new virtual cockpit.
  • UMmu 3.0.
  • PreludeIII base that can consume O2 & Food, use UCGO cargo and can animate bases with a simple configuration file.
  • 27 cargo type, Jazon Asteroïd and Halley comet (with dynamic trail).
  • 1364 files for your pleasure, see doc and check demo scenario that will teach you how to use UCGO.