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This page is for answering all the questions, people ask in an Orbiter related chat room, but left so quickly that it was even impossible to answer them. Doing so is a pretty impolite behaviour in a chatroom, but the questions are often important enough to get answered.

The rules for this page are simple: No network information (IP numbers, etc), no insults. Offensive material will get deleted. The nick name should get kept, so that the person asking the question can find his answer later - and feel a bit ashamed for appearing on this display of impoliteness.

Where can i find the Discovery 5.0 addon?[edit]

[17:51]	scouto2 has joined
[17:51]	scouto2: hi all
[17:51]	scouto2: anyone know where i could find discovery v5.0?
[17:51]	scouto2: i just downloaded the world of 2001 addon
[17:52]	scouto2 has disconnected: Quit

You can find the latest Discovery 5.0 addon in the file "" at DBartles homepage.