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1=[http://www.orbithangar.com/advsearch.cfm?search=ID&text=1099&S=Search Orbithangar]|
2=Dennis 'Urwumpe' Krenz
The '''Titan atmosphere enhancement''' adds the [[Atmosphere|atmosphere model]] used for planning [[Huygens]] to [[Saturn|Saturns]] [[natural satellite]] [[Titan]] in [[Orbiter]]. The model can be used up to 1300 km [[Altitude|altitude]], though only the lower 700 km are recommended.
The atmosphere model allows a much smoother and realistic reentry in orbiter, as possible with the default exponential atmosphere model, because it also includes atmospheric composition and [[Temperature profile|temperature profile]].
[[Category:Add-ons for Saturn|TITAN ATMOSPHERE ENHANCEMENT]]
[[Category:Celestial body add-ons|TITAN ATMOSPHERE ENHANCEMENT]]
[[Category: Add-ons by Urwumpe|TITAN ATMOSPHERE ENHANCEMENT]]

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