Project Baikonur

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Project Baikonur is a community effort for creating the biggest spaceport of the world as addon for orbiter.

Active developers

Work packages

Site 1 (vostok/soyuz launch complex)

Assigned to: mustard

Site 2 (Soyuz assembly building)

Assigned to: nobody

Site 23 (Saturn tracking station, IP-5)

Assigned to: nobody

Site 45 (Zenit launch complex)

Assigned to: GW_Simulations

Site 81 (proton launch complex)

Overview of the proton pad in Anim8or
Close up of the holddown/umbilical arms

Assigned to: Urwumpe Planned details:

  • Detailled and moving holddown arms.
  • Animated service tower
  • Flame duct particle streams