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The official Orbiter Forum is the largest forum in Orbiter.

List of Orbiter Forums

Major Forums

New M6.net

It was the second part of the M6 forum since February 2008 due to old M6 forum error server. But sometimes down commonly from March to April 2008. As of April 14, 2008, it is now sometimes closed but still active on the Internet and archive only.

New Meadville Space Center

Created in 2005 by Rob Conley due to server problems on the old one.

Dan's Orbiter Forum

Created in 2003 by Daniel "DanSteph" Polli. It is still active and there are 2 languages available, English and French.

Minor Forums

SethEden Forums

Created by SethEden. It is about Orbiter, Mars Direct, and Landsat.

United Aeronautics and Spaceflight Organization

Created in 2005 by Kayamone A. Sutton.

Inactive Forums

Old Meadville Space Center

In 2000, it was established by Rob Conley. But in 2005, it was transferred to another Meadville Space Center due to server errors. But as of April 10, 2008, it is partially active due to server errors.

Old M6.net

It is the original official forum but in February 2006, it was now completely error and transferred to another M6 forum.


New M6 Forum

In February 2006, the old M6 forum is now in error and either never or can return. After the old M6 down, it has new forum that currently used today.

M6 Down

On March 19, 2008, the whole website around the world was down and already dead that can cause installation of M6.net.

M6 Recovery

On April 10, 2008, it has been recovered by Test 080410.

New Official Forum

As of April 2008, the new official forum is Orbiter-Forum.

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