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*[http://www.spaceflightnow.com SpaceFlightNow]
*[http://www.astronautix.com Encyclopedia Astronautica]
*[http://www.nasa.gov NASA]
*[http://www.planet4589.org/jsr.html Jonathan's Space Report] (SatCat.txt and Launchlog.txt)
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|width="30%" align="center" rowspan="1"|Preceded by:<br/>'''[[2005]]'''
|width="40%" style="text-align: center;" rowspan="1"|'''[[History of Spaceflight]]''' <br>'''[[2006]]'''
|width="30%" align="center" rowspan="1"|Succeeded by:<br />'''[[2007]]'''
[[Category:History of Spaceflight|06]]
'' '''Template usage''' -- add <nowiki>{{</nowiki>subst:LSY-F|''year''|''previous year''|''next year''|''Short Year''<nowiki>}}</nowiki> to the end of the article.''
(''Short Year'' being the last two digits of the current year (eg. 06 for 2006, 67 for 1967, etc)
{{Infobox PhysQuant|
* kg m s<sup>-1</sup>
* N s|
* The change in momentum of a particle caused by a force ( '''I''' = '''p_final''' - '''p_initial''' )
* The product of a force and the time it's applied for ( '''I''' = '''F''' ''t'' )
(This is just a template test, I am not really requesting that the sandbox is deleted. --[[User:GW Simulations|GW_Simulations]] 23:31, 14 March 2006 (MSK)
:Fixed. ;) [[User:Urwumpe|Urwumpe]] 23:54, 14 March 2006 (MSK)
Orbiter 2006 is looming!
'''''Request for this to be added at the sdk section'''''
What all those particle terms mean-
SRCSIZE-size of the particle. 2 is good for thrust particles from the main engine while 5 is for smoke.
SRCRATE-How many particles are generated from the source (the engine)
V0('''''variable?''''')- How fast the particles are put out by the source
SRCSPREAD- How much the particles spread out. 0 for engine smoke and 0.5 for regular smoke.
LIFETIME- How long a particle (''in seconds'') stays before it disappears.
GROWTHRATE- The rate in which the particle grows.
ATMSLOWDOWN- How much a particle is slowed by the atmosphere.
LTYPE- Specifies if particles are ''emissive'' or ''diffuse''. An ''emissive''(glowing, for engine smoke) particle has no shading while ''diffuse''(recommended for realistic smoke plumes) particles have shading applied.
''Italic text''''Italic text''
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