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OrbiterWiki Rules
This page is intended for people who edit pages. If you don't (although you probably do) then you may ignore this page.

Although this document is called "rules", it only expresses strong recommendations. Partly because strict rules are impossible to enforce on a wiki; partly because otherwise OrbiterWiki would lose the flexibility of going slightly beyond the rules when necessary.

  1. Please read and observe the Guidelines (and consult them if you're unsure!)
  2. Remember that you are not on Wikipedia - think twice before making some word a link

This is all I can think of for now; feel free to add a rule if you think it's appropriate. I will eventually protect this page. RaMan 26 July 2005 05:09 (MSD)

Obvious netiquette rules (or, rather, reminders):

  1. Respect other people's opinions even if you disagree
  2. Hmm... add to this list if you come up with more