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Work in progress


These Guidelines describe various "rules" with regard to article content, formatting and organisation. Editors are very strongly advised to observe this - otherwise OrbiterWiki will become quite messy. If you think these Guidelines should be changed, please use the talk page of the corresponding section rather than just editing the Guidelines.



OrbiterWiki is currently entirely case sensitive. This means that even the first letter of the page matters! OrbiterWiki:Sandbox and OrbiterWiki:sandbox point at two different locations. Please make sure your links are correct. This will be changed real soon to completely case-insensitive links, which should make things a lot easier.

Overall content

Anything related to the Orbiter simulator is appropriate; anything not related to it probably isn't.


Please note that the guidelines on addons are still in the making; suggestions are welcome.

Each addon has a page about it with the same title as the name of the addon. Addons are currently split by type into the following categories, which should be self-explanatory:

Each addon must be included into Category:Addons and the relevant category listed above. Other requirements depend on addon type.

A celestial body addon must also be included into Category:Celestial bodies