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Orbiter Mini-Bar (OMB) is an MFD for simulating some of the aspects of human physiology and its effect on personal space travel. It was one of the first realism enhancements for Orbiter, when released in 2003.

OMB opening screen

Key commands[edit]

Start up.

All other keys are numeric.




It enforces enhanced manual dexterity at low orbits, full simulation of the effects of space flight is only permitted once an altitude of 100km has been achieved, or the pilot has turned off the seatbelt sign.


A number of different options can be configured by the user based on statistical estimates of tolerance of the key external factors, and the desired rate of exposure. The ongoing effects of this exposure are modeled, with an enhanced time factor commensurate with the simulated nature of the environment. There have been critisms that the add-on requires an overhead in the form of fuel consumed, but this is seen as a feature of the necessarily non-efficient human input factor associated with extended duration solo spaceflight that necessitates this simulation.

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OMB opening screen

OMB was a MFD designed for Orbiter which was capable of a rudimentary simulation of human physiological reactions to external agents common in space travel. It featured a highly realistic and a fully functional input selection, which includes not only a sophisticated human tolerance estimator but also controls the level of effect of each different hazard. OMB assumed a live crew of one who can die if pressures of solitary flight become unacceptable and cause a directional error. Unlike most addons in Orbiter at the time, OMB concentrated on failures in response to human choices limiting a vessel's ability to function. Released in 2003, OMB was one of the very first realism-enhancement addons for Orbiter. (More...)