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Project home: Moonbase Alpha 101027
Author: bensisko

A re-envisioned add-on for Orbiter 2010 that faithfully recreates the world of Space: 1999. Displacement booths, Transporter utility, UCGO, and UMmu allow a new level of immersion. In this iteration, previously static structures are modeled as vessels, allowing the Orbinaut to interact with the environment.

Included spacecraft

The latest updates and expansions of the Moonbase Alpha add-on feature:

  • Mark IX Hawk
  • Ultra Probe
  • Meta Probe
  • Falcon Shuttle
  • Eagle
  • Reentry glider

Related add-ons

  • Moonbase Alpha Expansion Pack 1 (Moonbase Alpha 101027v1.2) -- adds Storage Area J-3, Centuri Space Docks, Mark IX Hawk, Ultra Probe, and Meta Probe
  • Moonbase Alpha Expansion Pack 2 (Moonbase Alpha 101027v1.3) -- adds Nuclear Generation Area 3 and Falcon Shuttle
  • Moonbase Alpha Expansion Pack 3 (Moonbase Alpha 101027v1.4) -- adds Medical Center, Astrophysics, Technical Section, and Main Power Unit
  • Moonbase Alpha Expansion Pack 3 Patch
  • Moonbase Alpha Expansion Pack 4 (Moonbase Alpha 101027v1.5) -- adds Eagle Hangar, Command Center, Chemical Laboratory, Weapons Section and reentry Glider with Eagleglider, and mission control station Gliderpod
  • Moonbase Vessel Update 1 - Mark IX Hawk cockpit interior textures, adds ambient sounds to the Eagle, Mark IX Hawk, Ultraprobe, and Moonbase
  • Moonbase Vessel Update 2 - Adds Fuelbuggy, Refueling Eagle and Refueling Freighter
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