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Project home: Moonbase Alpha 101027
Author: bensisko

A re-envisioned add-on for Orbiter 2010 that faithfully recreates the world of Space: 1999. Displacement booths, Transporter utility, UCGO, and UMmu allow a new level of immersion. In this iteration, previously static structures are modeled as vessels, allowing the Orbinaut to interact with the environment.

Included spacecraft[edit]

The latest updates and expansions of the Moonbase Alpha add-on feature:

  • Mark IX Hawk
  • Ultra Probe
  • Meta Probe
  • Falcon Shuttle
  • Eagle
  • Reentry glider

Related add-ons[edit]

  • Moonbase Alpha Expansion Pack 1 (Moonbase Alpha 101027v1.2) -- adds Storage Area J-3, Centuri Space Docks, Mark IX Hawk, Ultra Probe, and Meta Probe
  • Moonbase Alpha Expansion Pack 2 (Moonbase Alpha 101027v1.3) -- adds Nuclear Generation Area 3 and Falcon Shuttle
  • Moonbase Alpha Expansion Pack 3 (Moonbase Alpha 101027v1.4) -- adds Medical Center, Astrophysics, Technical Section, and Main Power Unit
  • Moonbase Alpha Expansion Pack 3 Patch
  • Moonbase Alpha Expansion Pack 4 (Moonbase Alpha 101027v1.5) -- adds Eagle Hangar, Command Center, Chemical Laboratory, Weapons Section and reentry Glider with Eagleglider, and mission control station Gliderpod
  • Moonbase Vessel Update 1 - Mark IX Hawk cockpit interior textures, adds ambient sounds to the Eagle, Mark IX Hawk, Ultraprobe, and Moonbase
  • Moonbase Vessel Update 2 - Adds Fuelbuggy, Refueling Eagle and Refueling Freighter
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