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!<p class="MainPageG"><span class="IESucks">[[OrbiterWiki:Pilot section|[Link]]]</span><span>Pilots</span></p>
!<p class="MainPageG"><span class="IESucks">[[OrbiterWiki:Pilot section/Redesign|[Link]]]</span><span>Pilots</span></p>
|{{OrbiterWiki:Pilot section}}
|{{OrbiterWiki:Pilot section}}

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The XR2 Ravenstar is a high-performance spacecraft created for Orbiter by the Altea Aerospace team. The XR2's concept, mesh, and sound effects were the work of Steve "Coolhand" Tyler. Coding work to add multiple subsystems, failure modes are done by Douglas Beachy, as with the other vessels in the XR series. The initial 1.0 release came on October 8, 2008, the most recent being 1.10 on February 20, 2018. (More...)

[Link]Random article


Go Play In Space, Chapter 6. Go Play In Space is the classic introduction to Orbiter for new orbinauts and those looking to expand their horizons. What goes up generally comes down, ideally in one piece! Chapter 6 teaches the fine art of reentry and landing. (More...)


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