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Welcome to OrbiterWiki

This wiki is concerned with material relating to Orbiter, a space-flight simulator. We are collecting information and documentation about its use and how to write your own missions and addons. In addition there is technical data about Physics and spaceflight in general. If you still can't find the answer, try the Orbiter Forums. With over a thousand registered users there is a good chance someone can help.

Pilot Section


Developer Section

Information and documentation for developers:

Contributor Section

Important for contributers: Discussion thread for Guidelines, etc on m6 Forum Orbiter Wiki Thread on m6 Forum

Please note that at the moment OrbiterWiki links are entirely case-sensitive, including the first letter! This means that OrbiterWiki:Sandbox is not the same as OrbiterWiki:sandbox. Sorry about the inconvenience, but that was necessary for the API functions. We are working on changing this to be entirely case-insensitive.