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Tangential Transfer Program

This program works very similarly to the Target Intercept Program, but will take only a one input parameter from the user which is expressed in a two forms—a time to ejection (TEj) and a MJD of ejection. This program generates a transfer orbit that will be tangent to both the source orbit and the target orbit. The program uses a planar transfer and a plane change burn is required in a node. The ejection burn will be a pro- or retro-grade burn. The white line in the display indicates an orbit intersection position and the orange dashed line indicates the position of the target planet at the time of intersection. If these two lines are over each other, you will intercept the target in that position. The Source orbit can be hyperbolic, but the target must be elliptical or circular. When the local equator or ecliptic is targeted the radius of the target orbit can be defined. There are no orbiting bodies so the target position is not displayed. This program creates the most efficient transfers, but at the cost of being VERY difficult to set up a perfect orbit. It is strongly recommended not to use of this program as a normal means of interplanetary travel.

IMFD TangentialTransfer 1.png

Text Items:

TEj — Time to Ejection

Current time until you should eject from low orbit around the source planet. It is not crucial if you do not eject at this exact time.

GET — GET of Ejection

The time of ejection in GET.

Tin — Time to Intercept

Time to intercepting your target.

GET — GET at Intercept

The GET at the time which you intercept your target.

Dis — Delta Radial Distance

Final Radial Distance from the Reference body minus initial Radial Distance from the Reference Body.

RIn — Relative Inclination

Your current Relative Inclination.

oV — Outward Delta Velocity

The Outward Delta Velocity of your planned transfer.

iV — Inward Delta Velocity

The Inward Delta Velocity of your planned transfer.

PlC — Plane Change Velocity

Delta Velocity due to the plane change.

Tot — Total Velocity

The Magnitude of your escape vector.

IMFD Target Intercept IMFD Manual Contents IMFD Planet Approach Program