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Full name Dragonfly
Crew 2
Passengers none
First flight date unknown
Entered service date unknown
Manufacturer unknown
Length 14.8 m
Height 5.6 m
Wingspan 7.2 m
Wing area
Empty 7,000 kg
Fuel 4,000 kg
RCS fuel
Max. take-off
Inertia PMI
Max. delta-v
Max. accel
Stall CL
Stall AOA

The Dragonfly is a space tug designed for moving payload in orbit. It may be used to bring satellites delivered by the Space Shuttle into higher orbits, or to help in the assembly of large orbital structures.

The Dragonfly has no dedicated main thrusters, but a versatile and adjustable reaction control system.

The Dragonfly is not designed for atmospheric descent or surface landing.

The Dragonfly is the first vessel to be modeled with detailed electrical and environmental systems simulation, contributed by Radu Poenaru. For detailed information see the Dragonfly Operations Handbook.