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==External Links==
==External Links==
[http://orbiter.dansteph.com/index.php?disp=d Download DeltaGliderIV]
[http://orbiter.dansteph.com/forum/index.php?page=download Download DeltaGliderIV]
[http://orbiter.dansteph.com/index.php?disp=dgIVMore Addons for DeltaGliderIV]

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Project home: http://orbiter.dansteph.com/
Author: Daniel "DanSteph" Polli

Delta Glider IV

The DeltaGliderIV (also known as DGIV) was the successor to the DeltaGliderIII created by Dansteph, improving on many details of it as well as adding a more complex damage model and cargo handling to it.

Revision History


  • Added support for UCGO
  • DX9 optimised


  • Orbiter 2010 exclusive
  • Support for the new UMMU models


DGIV during reentry

It inherits many features from its predecessor DeltaGliderIII, being still similar in handling and use as the DeltaGliderIII. Unlike the Delta-glider Mk.4, it does not have a virtual cockpit, but this missing feature is more than offset by the detailed and complex 2D panel.

  • realistic crew support:
    • a living crew that realistically reacts to the flight conditions; G, temperature, cabin O2 level etc.
    • you can actually kill the crew if you vent off the air in the spacecraft
    • life support and alerts
    • you can actually hear your astronauts breathe as you travel between spaceships.
  • improved cockpit:
    • realistic panels with many user-friendly and rather intuitive features
    • OrbiterSound 3.5 support, offering over 40 integrated sounds.
    • on-board flight computer with many displays and autopilots and ability to load user-defined ascent programs
    • a complete 2D panel in three parts with many systems; life support, APU, engine etc.
    • an autopilot that will help you during ascent, reentry, landing etc.
    • a Check-list MFD, extended since the DeltaGliderIII
    • realistic refueling that requires pilot's attention
  • improved physics:
    • crew can EVA and re-enter the ship
    • crew can be exchanged between DeltaGliderIV and other spacecraft based on the Universal MMU SDK.
    • a ship reacts to flight conditions (no more unrealistic re-entry or landing)
    • the ship can become damaged by bad handling and crashes.
    • the flight characteristics can be configured in a configuration program, including engine type and life support system endurance.
  • improved visuals:
    • The DeltaGliderIV can get damaged and turned into a wreck.
    • New glowing heatshield during reentry
    • reworked Delta-glider mesh that reflects the correct number of crew inside
    • new hi-res 1024x1024 textures with many exchangeable textures (Skins) available
    • can have many ships with different Skins in one scenario
    • 3 hi-res skins included with the base package
    • many external lights
  • Cargo management
    • The DeltagliderIV is equipped with a small cargo bay, allowing it to carry various payloads, which can be handled by the Universal MMU astronauts.
  • improved configuration support:
    • Full scenario editor support
    • a config program that will help you set the skin, crew, payload, power, fuel, life reserve, etc.
    • custom installer, no known install problems

External Links

Download DeltaGliderIV