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Do we really need a Category called "Glossary"? I mean, isn't the wiki itself a glossary? Can you point me to the wiki pages that shouldn't be in the glossary?

--Urwumpe 30 July 2005 19:07 (MSD) : I don't think so. A glossary is always a short explanation of terms, so its a nice way to keep a small subset of the page as glossary. Eg, i don't want to have a complete article about Cape Canaveral in the Glossary - but a short explanation what and where it is makes sense.

I agree, but this is a category, and thus can only show links to other pages, you can't include a short defenition with each link. A glossary would be better done like the List of Acronyms and Abbreviations. Having a category "Glossary" is rediculous, and it needs to be deleted. But I would be more than happy to see a page devoted to a Glossary. GIR 1 August 2005 03:35 (MSD)