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===Vessel coding===
#REDIRECT [[:Category:Addon tutorials]]
* [[Vessel code]] - basic c++ code template for a vessel (WIP)
* [[Vessel Tutorial 1]] - Detailed walkthrough of how to use the ShuttlePB sample ship as a base for any vessel
* [[Free Compiler Setup]] - How to set up the VC++ 2005 Express (free) compiler to compile addons
* [[HUD Tutorial (Flight Director)]]
===Mesh making===
* [[Converting to msh]] - Convert your 3d model to Orbiters mesh format
* [[Shading]] - explanes how Orbiter uses shading, Tips
* [[Shipedit]]
===Surface bases===
* [[Creating a simple base]] - create a basic surface base with a config file
* [[Surface Tiles]]
* [[Scenarios]] - a scenario file (*.scn) explained
===External Links===
*[http://orbit.m6.net/v2/forum.asp?forumid=5 Orbiter SDK Forum]
*[http://orbit.m6.net/v2/read.asp?id=16976 Creating your own addon ships, Newbies Only]
*[http://orbit.m6.net/v2/read.asp?id=15653 Hints for new addon developers]
*[http://orbit.m6.net/v2/read.asp?id=7602 Programming Tutorials]
*[http://www.aovi93.dsl.pipex.com/addon_software_utilities_tutorials.htm Add-on Software , Utilities and Tutorials]
[[Category:Addon tutorials]]

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