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'''Add-on''' is the term used in the [[Orbiter]] [[community]] to describe those additional [[spacecraft|ships]], [[surface base|bases]] and [[custom function|functions]] that are not included in the basic [[distribution]] of Orbiter. An alternative term for such extensions is modification (or mod). These are written by members of the commmunity and freely distributed.
Many of these are available at [[Orbithangar]] or [[Avsim]].
The possible main add-on classes for Orbiter are:
* [[Vessel|Vessels]]
* [[Solar system|Solar systems]]
* [[Celestial body|Celestial bodies]]
* [[Surface base|Surface bases]]
* [[MFD|MFDs]]
* [[Custom function|Custom functions]]
* [[Plug-ins]], which are neither MFD nor custom function
* [[Launch pad extensions]]
==Vessel add-ons==
A vessel add-on consists minimal of a [[configuration file]] describing its physical properties and a [[mesh]] for its visual representation.
==Add-on lists==
* [[:Category:Add-ons]]
* [[List of dwarf planet add-ons]]
* [[List of planet add-ons]]
* [[List of natural satellite add-ons]]

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