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Project home: ACSofts AMSO homepage
Author: Alain Capt
Current version: Unknown
Compatibility: Unknown

The AMSO (Apollo Mission Simulator for Orbiter) add-on demonstrates the flight to the Moon and back like in Apollo missions. Your crew can die, if you exceed the limits of the spacecraft. EVA's can be performed on the moon.

Basic features

  • Simple user interface, consisting of only few keys
  • Complex mission simulation, especially covering the lunar surface activities.
  • Crew can die, terminating your whole mission.

Version 1.11

CSM docking with the LM
Crew being evacuated by a Sea King helicopter

This AMSO version supported the whole basic mission profile, including detailed lunar surface activities and recovery. The landing sites got propped up with dynamically created rocks in various sizes.

Version 1.12

The current version of AMSO saw dramatic changes in its visual appearance, showing new photo-realistic meshes. The most dramatic change happened for the landing sites, now showing nearly realistic 3D terrains. Also the initially simple launch sequences saw great upgrades. Also the J-missions (Apollo 15 and following) now have a SIM bay which will can be deployed. It was released on Monday, July 16, 2007.

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