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Important events in 1967

27th January
The command module of Apollo 7 catches fire during a plug-out test, killing Virgil Grissom, Ed White, and Roger Chaffee.

Satellite launches in 1967

Day Time (GMT) Program Satellite Launch vehicle Location Launch complex Notes
11th January 10:55 Intelsat Intelsat 2 F-2 Delta E1 Cape Canaveral LC 17
14th January 21:28 Keyhole KH-4A 1038 Thor Agena D Vandenberg SLC3
18th January 14:19 IDCSP IDCSP 2-1 to IDCSP 2-8 Titan IIIC Cape Canaveral LC41
19th January 12:39 USSR recon Cosmos 138 Vostok 8A92 Pletesk Unknown
25th January 13:55 USSR FOBS Cosmos 139 R-36O Pletesk Unknown
26th January 17:31 Tiros ESSA 4 Thor Delta E Vandenberg SLC2

Manned missions in 1967